czwartek, 29 października 2015

Being comfortable outside your comfort zone

Recently I have written about feeling too comfortable in the place where you are right now. I also asked if it is possible that you are the one responsible for this situation.
It’s a good start when you know that you feel comfortable.
It’s better when you realize that you are the person who has control over this comfort.

What can be next?

Well, if we so much like to feel comfortable and safe, and on the other hand we know that pushing ourselves over ours limits, outside the comfort zone lets us grow. Letting us be more valuable. Maybe it would be worth putting it together?
What I want to suggest is that you should feel comfortable outside your comfort zone!

Easy said, don’t you think? But how to do it? Being outside the place and situations you know means that you are more vulnerable, more likely to fail. It’s easier to make a mistake. It’s easier to hit the ground.
Sounds pessimistic?
Only until you convince yourself that most of people who try more, who fail more often, also succeed more often? Why? The correlation is simple - the more attempts you make, the bigger are the chances that you will finally succeed.

You have to stop treating the moments where you are outside your comfort zone as a risk!
Those are opportunities! And opportunity is a chance, not a guarantee!
Putting the first step outside your comfort zone is already a success, because that means that you have a courage to use the opportunity. You are not letting it go!

You need to stop being afraid of the opportunities that arise around you. You have to start treat them as a lessons.You have to repeat yourself that one of the best way to learn is learning by repeating.
That’s why you should repeat a lot.

A lot of practice results in experience. Experience means that you can find yourself in problematic situations and handle them. Experience means that you know failures, but you know how to overcome them and move forward as well. Experience means that you have been in uncomfortable places many times.
You tried a lot and now you know what works and what doesn’t. And the more important - you know why.

Just like Thomas A. Edison you also “did not fail. You've just found 10000 ways that won't work.". And this is your strength.
Each failure gave you some knowledge.
Each success does the same.
When you experienced both, you can predict what will be the result of the actions, because you have the experience that you can base on.

Challenge yourself!

Get out of your comfort zone.
The longer you are staying there, the more opportunities are going away. Don’t let it happen!