poniedziałek, 9 listopada 2015

Name the Problem

When a problem arises and you are surrounded with people who feel responsible for the work you are doing, there is a big probability that you will find many of them eager to help.
They will automatically start looking for answers and solutions.
There will be many hands willing to help.

But before you start working out the solutions to this problem, stop for a moment. Before this step there’s one more that has to be taken upfront. You need to recognize the problem. You have to know what you want to solve before you will start doing it.
You have to name the problem.
You need to know the questions before answers can be given.

It doesn’t matter whether a problem is big or small. Before you agree for any action, you need to be on the same page.
If you hear that “problem is obvious” and “everyone see it” and “we should act and not waste time on talking” remember that each person is different and nothing is obvious until it stays in someone’s head.
Everyone could notice there is a problem, but its understanding is not shared until it is not spoken loudly.
And even then there is a big chance that clarification will be needed.

You need to know what you want to solve. You need to know what is the root of the problem. What challenges are in front of you? Maybe the things that are crucial for one will have lower priority for others?
It’s good to list everything that worries you. It’s good to write down what the impact each item has on your work.

This list gives you shared understanding. Now it is the time to consider which item has higher priority.
You won’t solve everything at once so you have to know where to start.

All of you have to see the same picture and have to go in the same direction.
All of you need to see the same problem!
Only then whole effort will be concentrated on the thing that should be solved in the first place.