sobota, 28 czerwca 2014

It’s just a waste

Estimation was an ongoing issue that I and my team were struggling with at my last company. Of course there were better sprints, but there were also ones with totally inaccurate estimation. Everything was either over- or underestimated.

As a Scrum Master, who was assisted by a great team, I tried to improve it in many various ways and... when I changed a job, there were still issues with estimation itself. But, after a closer look, I need to admit that all battles against wrong numbers standing next to “to-be-done” tasks were worth fighting for. We improved a number of things: our Sprint Plannings, Retrospectives, writing User Stories and good Definition of Done. I could list even more things which were improved in times when we gave special attention to estimation.

piątek, 6 czerwca 2014

Everyone is a leader, but not everyone want to be

As John Maxwell says, “Everyone is a leader because everyone influences someone”. We can agree or disagree with this statement; nonetheless, after giving this saying a closer look, I firmly believe that each of us will admit that any of us have impact on someone. It doesn't matter whether it's one person, our closest family, group of friends or someone else -- there’s always someone.

We accept this type of leadership unquestionably, it's so natural for us that we often don't even treat this as leadership. This is the main reason underlying lack of development in this field. We didn’t name it, so we simply don't invest our time to become better in how we impact others.
Is this the only reason? I think that many of us just don’t like to take full responsibility. They don’t feel well in a situation in which they find themselves, it wasn’t their choice. The fact that someone is a leader does not mean that he or she wanted to become one.