niedziela, 9 grudnia 2012

One year after...

one day I became Scrum Master

One year ago, in november, one of my colleague, who was Scrum Master in one of the projects we're working on, decided to move to other city. He need to also change the job, because there was no possibility to work from another city all the time.
So my boss came to me and asked me a simple question - do you want to became a Scrum Master of this project?

What could I say? :)

Look for experience, not only a work

years of work is not the experience

Recently I wrote that from time to time I'm doing interviews. Today I will wrote about another thing that is noticeable after short conversation with some of the candidates. It's fact, that in spite of year of work, they have no experience in programming, no knowledge. They know nothing.
It's little bit scary, because those people are sometimes over a dozen years older than me!

piątek, 7 grudnia 2012

Studies won't make You a great programmer, but is it wrong?

studies suck!

It's common belief that any study (especially those relating with IT) don't bring any value for students. Many people thinks, that is just waste of time. If so, I got one question - why the hell they're starting to study? If they think it's useless, what's the reason? Why some of them spend their money on it?