czwartek, 25 kwietnia 2013

Let's improve our Daily Stand-up

I found Scrum as a perfect solution for managing in my current project. Even if at first it was very difficult to implement it and our knowledge and understanding of this framework was poor. Day by day, week by week, sprint by sprint we gained more experience and everything became obvious and natural. We became agile team.

wtorek, 16 kwietnia 2013

Are we resources or not?

There was many discussion on this topic. I heard so many times complaines whenever I used word "resources", when I were talking about group of people. And, as I repeated it many times, it was not about disrespecting someone or treat him like a thing. No, it's all about terminology.

niedziela, 7 kwietnia 2013

Never postpone meetings

Recently, one of my friends asked me a question:

"What will you do if your's daily stand-up starts at 9:30 and one of your teammates, who went half hour ago to the shop and should already back, is still absent?"

I told him that answer is simple - I will call him and ask how long it will take for him to get back to us. If it won't be long, we will wait for him.

sobota, 6 kwietnia 2013

Nothing is obvious...

once upon a time there was a feature...

Recently we had hot discussion with product owner about one of the feature, that we are implementing right now. But let me start from the beggining.

What is feature about? Configure application through GUI.
Right now everything is in config file and configuration process isn't not as easy for our customers as it should be. That's why we decide to do first step to change it - first move the configuration of the most critical and important things.
After few conversations when PO explain what needs to be done, we created prototype to show him how it will look like. And that was it...