piątek, 11 września 2015

The issues you don’t want to do…

The issue is waiting. For the person that will complete it. And this person is you. You know that priority is high. You know the issue must be solved. That is the required step that needs to be taken before you have a chance to proceed further with other things.
You try to convince yourself to start. And you’re failing. There’s so many other things that can be done. You let them keep you busy. To be your excuse.

You know the feeling? You know this passivity? Unfortunately I cannot help you with the feeling, but I’ve got a piece of advice that may help you to move on.
List all things that have to be done to complete the issue.
Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But I heard once that the simplest solution are often the best one.

wtorek, 1 września 2015

When perfection is a goal…

Life without purpose is senseless. This is why each of us need a goal. Something that will motivate us and push us forward.
The main problem with most goals is the fact that some day you will end your journey. And then, for a moment you will feel… weird. On the one hand you will be happy, because “this is already it”, but on the other hand you’ll feel uncertain, because you will have to find another goal.
How long will it take?
What if you won’t find anything?
And that’s the beauty of mastery. That’s the beauty of trying to reach it. Why?
When perfection is your goal the endless journey is waiting for you.