niedziela, 20 stycznia 2013

become a challenge seeker

another thing to do

So, you are starting. New feature to implement, complex modification, improvements in performance, user experience in UI or something completely different.

You got everything what you need to start, you got it from customer. Is he/her difficult with cooperation? Doesn't matter, you talked with him/her so many times, so many hours spent on learning his/her way of thinking, behavior. There is nothing unexpected in gathering requirements (or however you will call it). Even if it isn't easy job to do. You been there, you know what to do.

Ok, you got requirements. What next? Estimation, creating stories, tasks, issues and all related and necessary activities. Is it hard? No. Whole team done this many times, their are working together so long, they know what they can do and how long it take.
Of course, life is not ideal, and there are conflicts, misunderstanding, but it's nothing new and you and your team know how to handle this. You all know each other, you know how other member will react in specific situation. And there is trust among you. Can't be better:)

After this, comes implementation and tests, documentation, refactoring. It also goes pretty well. Yeah, sometimes happens that your release date is one week later than it should be, but this is rare situation and you already working on fixing this.

What next? Next comes another new feature, improvement, modification and you can start once again:)

what's the case?

So what is the case you may ask? I described project where everything goes with no rush and even if unexpected comes there is no big deal.
True, but it wasn't always like that. On the begining, there was no understanding, no trust, no knowledge. You and your team had to work out it. There was many unexpected situation, which learns you new things about yourself, your collegues and all of you as a team. There was many challenges on the begining and it could be little bit scary.

And that's it - there was challenge and you weren't sure will you succeed.

become a challenge seeker

That's what I always looking for - new challenges, new opportunities to verify my own skills, to learn something new.
And I always looking for the most difficult one, that's what I really like, those challenges drives me. I like this feeling when I'm not sure do I make it? Will I succeed or not? What new things I will learn? What unexpected will come? What problems will occur?
Maybe this is weird, but I really like this atmosphere when you can feel adrenaline in the air.

I like problems, because those shows me what we can improve or what we should change to avoid situation like this in future.
I like rush, because thanks that, I can learn more about planning and organization.
I like bugs, because they shows me what we missed. I can learn, what we can do in future to not repeat our mistakes.

I like challenges, because each new is an oportunity to became greater in many aspects.

I know that if everything is quiet and calm, no one wants to change it, but when challenge will came - accept it:)