czwartek, 8 października 2015

Too comfortable?

You can calm down and do your job.

You know what has to be done.
You know how it needs to be done.

And even if there are any differences between the issues... there is no reason to panic.
You have been here so many times.
Solutions are always similar.
You know where to go for help. Whom to ask if it would be needed.

You feel comfortable. Almost relaxed.

And here’s the great question - should you really be happy being in such a comfortable place?

The most successful people are the ones who have got the biggest number of tries behind them.

They failed many times. Or, paraphrasing T.Edison, “They have not failed. They've just found many ways that won't work."
They learn.
They learn a lot.

It happened not because they were looking for a comfortable place for them. They have been looking for challenges.
For opportunities.
For ideas that push them forward. That require from them to grow. To learn.

Feeling comfortable means that you are in the place where everything is known. And if everything is known, how you can learn anything? What are the chances that you will test your limits? And go beyond them.

How would it be possible when you are in place where there’s nothing that challenges you?

Comfort is ok... but challenges as well.
First let you feel safe. Second makes you more valuable.

That’s why you should ask yourself - is this place not too comfortable for me?

Or maybe it’s not the whole true? Maybe you let this place be too comfortable?