niedziela, 7 lutego 2016

You have to stop the growth!

The problem won’t wait for its solution. It will bother you as long as it exists. And it won’t stop until you fix it. The impact of it will be bigger each day.
After identification of the root cause you know what needs to be solved. You know what have to be checked to confirm that your are going in the right direction.

What’s now? If the problem is big this is not always the moment when you start planning implementation of the solution. Why?
Problem won’t stop its growth the same day when you decide to solve it. It will still expand. And this where you should put your focus on in those first days. You have to stop its growth if this is possible!
If you don’t stop expansion of the negative impact of the problem you may start implement solution and before you will end, there will be nothing worth saving anymore.

Stop for the moment

Think what can be done to prevent the further escalation of the problem? There are many questions that you can and should ask before you move on:
  • Temporary Solution
    Maybe there are some not-so-good solutions that could be implemented temporary? It can buy you some time. The problem would stop evolving and you will have a time for the right solution.

  • Circumstances
    What are the circumstances under which the problem occurs? Can you identify any? Can you name them? Maybe you can minimise the chance for their occurrence? Maybe there is a possibility to remove them (as much of them) completely?

  • Sharing the knowledge
    Would some sharing knowledge session be helpful? Is there any chance that more problem-aware people will minimise the risk of the problem’s occurrence?

  • What’s your reaction?
    How are you currently reacting to a problem when it appears? How much effort do you have to put into the activities? Maybe you can automate the process easily? Maybe some people can be delegated to handle those activities? If not fully, maybe at least partially?

  • Similar experience
    Do you know anyone who faced similar difficulties and overcame them? If yes, maybe they can share with you their plan? What was the steps that have been taken? What would they change? Maybe they’ve got some advice, thoughts or ideas they can share?
    Maybe you know someone who failed in a similar situation? Talking to them them also may be helpful.

  • Ask the Expert
    Is there any expert who can help you? Maybe there is someone who has bigger experience in a particular area. Maybe their ideas and assumptions can help you? Maybe a fresh look from a different angle will bring observations that you did not have?

Don’t wait. React!

Before you will move on with the solution’s implementation you have to stop the problem from grow. Don’t let it get too big. It is too late for prevention, but not for reaction. Try to do as much as you can do to find the ways that will minimise negative impact of current difficulties.

You need to manage the risk, don't become risk-driven.